w o r d s......

Where the Stream Laughs

It is only
At the jagged places
Of sharp rocks
Where the stream seems alive

Further up, there is
Hardly any movement
The water is quiet
Almost sleeping…is it stagnant?

But at the point
Where there are
Hard and jutting changes
To the fabric of the streambed

That is where
The water laughs and gurgles
Playing its music
And dancing with life

Unexpected surprises
Are discovered
At the place
Where the stream is alive

A large boulder standing in the water
Almost completely green
Covered with soft mosses
And bold little vines

And up the bank
A little wildflower
Tiny, but the most beautiful
Bright and shocking blue

Surely there is life
Even where the stream is quiet
But even the singing insects
Seem more drawn

To the Place Where The Stream Laughs


© 2006 Julie Yamamoto, All rights reserved.