w o r d s......

The Ocean

The peace that surrounds me at this place
Sends a sparkling smile over my face
For the beauty of it overwhelms my soul
It makes me forget my daily toil

The laughing waves dance with endless motion
Of the beauty of the great ocean
Its waters are painted by the beaming sun
As they frolic and shimmer with joyful fun

With dawn this ocean is a glorious sight
As the rosy colors descend with powerful might
It gives a sense of awakening and new life
And it makes me forget my everyday strife

Later on when dusk begins to fall
I stand watching and hear the call
Of the Creator of this great scene
I feel only awe for the creation and the mighty King

I wish I never had to go
Away from the beautiful waters that flow
With a faithful and everlasting peace
That even in a storm, never seems to cease


© 2006 Julie Yamamoto, All rights reserved.