w o r d s......

Streams In The Desert

Look into that vast landscape
So harsh and filled with jagged edges
From whence there is no seen escape
Only endless rocks and sharp mountain ledges

Look around and search for something green
For any small sign of life
The vision met is parched and lean
Sun beating on land in endless strife

Beating down in constant glare
Until there is nothing left
Water and life beware
For this desert will leave you bereft

Such a fierce and unforgiving place
Is it an icon of the human soul?
Burning itself out at the base
Until it summons its own death toll

Into this vision so bleak and grim
Bursts a lovely song of hope
The desert is growing a rose stem
Smiling flowers, laughing streams on every slope

Sing with joy, O parched land
Rejoice and burst forth with glory
Praise the One who brings water from sand
Streams in the desert, flowers to the land


© 2006 Julie Yamamoto, All rights reserved.